Pedestal Events Group

Team Building

Build a Bike/Charity Event


In this terrific team building event, teams armed with wrenches and enthusiasm race to construct the ultimate kid’s toy-- a bicycle to be donated to charity. Team against team, we take care of the logistics while each team puts together bicycle. In the end, each team wheels their mechanical marvels to the presentation/start line. This event is an extraordinary way to infuse a conference with energy and create a feeling of immense good will. This event brings people together with a sense of purpose larger than their individual work challenges. Build a Bike is a fabulous way to facilitate communication among members.


Minute to Win It

Engage your guests in a fast paced, action packed game of Minute to Win It!  Participants compete against the clock to accomplish deceptively easy challenges.  These challenges range from pulling all of the tissues out of the box in less than 60 seconds to stacking three golf balls on top of each other.  This isn't just fun to watch but your guests will be clamoring to participate and ask for it again and again.



It’s the Office Mate Game


Everyone has that friend in the office who knows how they prefer their coffee and what their favorite movie of all time is… So why not put their office mate status to the test with this fun and engaging game show? Similar to the Newlywed Game (but politically correct) this game will keep your staff laughing.












Murder Mystery



Who dun it? We can create a custom mystery for you and your guests to unravel the mystery. Your characters will embed themselves in your party developing motive and alibis. Maybe we did it…. Maybe we didn’t.



Its Academic


Challenge your sales team to a fun game of knowledge and trivia. Complete with emcee, sound effects and more. Your entire staff will get into the excitement of the game.













Wheel of Fortune