Pedestal Events Group
About Pedestal
David Geyer
 David is the mastermind behind the tactical plans. From a small piece of wood and an idea on paper, David’s creativity takes over and voila, an event takes form. From understanding what works to leading the teams on site, David’s contagious energy is an experience in itself. To connect with David, use

Nicole Enos
Nicole brings leadership, creativity and meeting and event planning expertise. As the lead event coordinator she cultivates new business relationships and nurtures existing ones. She uses her knowledge for creating, planning and executing events for Pedestal’s elite public, private, corporate and non-profit clients. Managing detailed event budgets, proposals, sponsorship fulfillment and creative concept design, Nicole’s fingers touch every aspect of each event
The Team
Pedestal can staff an event from a rich database of performers, casino personnel, setup crew and decorators. We have onsite managers for each event to ensure that each customer’s needs are fulfilled and that Pedestal exceeds your expectations. To schedule an unforgettable experience, contact Pedestal Events at 301-898-8870.

Pedestal Events Group is always looking for team members.  If you are high energy, like to meet people and would be interested in working part-time for a growing company, please contact us (